Innovation Advocacy

Tell us what you want to happen, and we’ll provide the comprehensive solution to deliver your vision. We serve as your technological tour guide, to help steward your idea and iterate upon it, helping with additional features, design ideas and brand new innovations.

Have a vision for your product’s next phase? Our team will help you craft the next stage of your concept or product, with unique and nimble problem solving techniques and processes to make a good idea even better.

From your concept, we create a road map – and together, we take the project with you all the way across the finish line.


Partner Relationship or Direct; Brand Agnostic

Our team’s expertise spans across brands, models, and makes. This flexibility means we’re able to offer embedded solutions for a wide range of partners in the Tier 1 space. For other intermediaries, we work closely with OEM Manufacturers and Software vendors that are approved / connected for seamless integrations to build what you need fast.

How Can We Help?

Automotive Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Embedded Software Solutions

Built for You

Echelle nurtures team members to excel in the specific needs of each individual client. Our employees are trained to directly serve our clients, as well as, troubleshoot issues at a moment’s notice.