Improve A Device/Solution

Build your next-generation medical solution or device with our advanced team at Echelle. We understand this space – our embedded software solutions are at the forefront of telemedicine technology, consistently proven to integrate with existing back office systems and EMR platforms. Your challenges made simple – the Echelle team collaborates closely with you to design and deliver an innovative medical solution. We’re committed to helping our clients pursue leading edge technology, such as new devices, products, and improvements to existing concepts.

When you require state-of-the-art technology to deliver effective health care and improve patient outcomes, the Echelle team is the go-to innovation group in the embedded solutions segment. Our hands-on experience developing medical computing and information processing solutions guides the process as we work with customers to design and create the software that powers products, platforms, and medical IoT applications. You can rely on us for performance, display capabilities, connectivity and integration.

Echelle’s embedded products, platforms and design services are widely used in many medical device solutions. Serving as your innovation advocate, we leverage your ideas with our expert product and design services.

Your App, Only Better

In the device solution arena, people come to us with something that’s already been developed for our team to take to the next level and extend its potential.

We also provide a gap analysis of their current application, and compare it to a matrix of the current trends and competitor offereings. What are the cutting edge methods that people are using, and how can we apply those to your development? We compare and contrast, and determine areas of opportunity. Based on the results of that process, we fill the void, and go in and recode, re-architect or rebrand using upto-the-minute best practices.

Built for You

Echelle nurtures team members to excel in the specific needs of each individual client. Our employees are trained to directly serve our clients, as well as, troubleshoot issues at a moment’s notice.