Embedded Software Solutions

Why Should You Choose Echelle?

Tailored Solutions Built to Meet Your Needs

Echelle's hands-on approach will help accelerate outcomes, drive adaptation and increase return on investment


Stakeholder interviews, product analysis, and process investigation


Improve efficiency and productivity using state of the art solutions​


Allocation of proper resources to monitor your success


Active market trend monitoring will keep you up to speed

Embedded systems are essential to the operation of electronic devices and systems across a wide range of industries – from digital watches to hybrid vehicles and avionics.

The Echelle team is precisely prepared to provide your embedded solutions needs, based on the following:

Market experience. We focus on specific markets—automotive, healthcare, and industrial automation. We systematically analyze each customer’s application requirements and restrictions to ensure we offer the best solution for their needs.

Lifecycle management services. Our team assists our customers in managing the entire lifecycle of their products. We help plan next-generation products, develop and manage complete top-to-bottom solutions, support EOL transitions, and more.

Collaborative process. Each customer project has a dedicated team of experts managing their product life cycle.

Extensive Service Offerings: We offer an extensive range of dedicated services from control processing and data processing to display systems and more.

Design and engineering capabilities. Our engineers provide a range of design and engineering capabilities to support the product development process, including system configuration, performance testing, prototyping, and more.

Quality and reliability. We provide customers with consistent reporting and scorecards to track and measure performance in four key categories: operational excellence, innovation, supplier quality assurance, and commercial excellence.