About Us

Performance + Next Level Innovation.

That’s what we deliver with each client.

Think of us as your innovation advocate. We’re focused on the future and what is next for each and every client. Consider us your trusted guide for best practice, next level innovation, with the right follow through to deliver.

Embedded services are what we do, and all we do. Our clients know that they are getting customized expertise and top performance, each and every time. With Echelle, customers will benefit from increased productivity, better efficiency, and a higher return on investment.

Our focus is to deliver high-quality products and services that help solve our customer’s challenges in the automotive and the health care industries. We fully understand these industries’ needs for industrial computer solutions rich with purpose-built features, and we are always working to optimize their designed functionalities.


Partner Relationship or Direct; Brand Agnostic

Our team’s expertise spans across brands, models, and makes. This flexibility means we’re able to offer embedded solutions for a wide range of partners in the Tier 1 space. For other intermediaries, we work closely with OEM Manufacturers and Software vendors that are approved / connected for seamless integrations to build what you need fast.

How Can We Help?

Automotive Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Embedded Software Solutions

Built for You

Echelle nurtures team members to excel in the specific needs of each individual client. Our employees are trained to directly serve our clients, as well as, troubleshoot issues at a moment’s notice.